ACECAD AceDialer SD1 - Bluetooth Speed Dial Controller for Android / BlackBerry Smartphone

Bluetooth Speed Dial Controller

Press a button on the AceDialer SD1 - Bluetooth Speed Dial Controller to make a call to a speed contact, or press any button to end or answer a call without touching your Android / BlackBerry Smartphone. Perfect when driving! Keep it in your car to make, answer or end hands-free calls safely.

Works with a wired earphone, Bluetooth hands-free or headset device such as the speaking system in a vehicle, car speakerphone or earphone.

Power-saving only requiring one button cell battery that will last over a year (up to 5,000 calls).

  • Using its free Remote Speed Dial App on your phone, you can easily set a speed contact for each button (1 - 9) and the emergency button from your Contacts.

The speakerphone of your phone can be set to be automatically activated.


The button 9 can be set to find your phone within 10 meters by an audio alert.

  • Press one speed dial button (1 - 9) to call a speed contact.
  • Press any button to end or answer a call.
  • Press the emergency button to make a call and send a text message with your approximate location to your emergency contacts.

This button is very helpful in an emergency situation such as a sudden dangerous event, a natural disaster or a crisis, without having to touch your phone.

  • One phone can work with several AceDialer SD1 controllers with the same setting.
  • The ultra-thin portable controller weighs only 0.53 oz. (15g). Hole provided for security/wrist strap attachment.


Quickly and safely make, answer or end calls without looking at your phone




Size 70mm (L) x 28mm (W) x 8mm (T)
  2.76" (L) x 1.1" (W) x 0.31" (T)
Weight 15g (0.53 oz.)
Button Number 10 Buttons
Technology Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
Power Source One (1) 3V button cell battery (CR2032)
Smartphone Requirements Android 2.1 or higher, BlackBerry 5.0 or higher with Bluetooth wireless technology


Only Requires One Button Cell Battery
Android app on Google Play